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16th February, 2015

The team at EPL are very pleased to announce the great news that they achieved  a "Fully Compliant" rating following a recent Jaupt Training Centre Audit on the 29th January 2015 .

"We always work hard to maintain the very highest standards, within our continuous professional development (CPD) framework and of course within the guidelines set by JAUPT" quotes Brad Richardson, Operations Director, " Once again we are  pleased to have our quality and training methods validated by this highly professional audit-Well done to the whole team!"


" Our main target with the Periodic CPC is to ensure that all delegates have an interesting day with measurable learning outcomes. We have invested heavily in this training area and it is satisfying to know that we are now a market leader " says Charlie Decker-Branch Manager and CPC lecturer.

"A great result indeed! The Periodic CPC is much aligned out there in the market place-but it does have huge relevance in todays busy logistical environment" says Charlie, " The majority of our many delegates, although sceptical at first, find a great deal of value in our courses, all conducted in our driver friendly environment."


If we can help with your Drivers CPC then please dont hesitate to call us!



EPL - Your Professional Partner in Logistics!

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