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16th March, 2014

At EPL we take our business very seriously and have a management ethos that is second to none in our industry. We believe that we must service our clients to the highest standards at all times-in every aspect of the business.

This means that we continue to invest both time and cash to ensure that we maintain our lead on the market in our specialist areas of operation. Experienced staff backed by the latest technology help us to stay at the very forefront of our market sectors.

Introducing our bespoke Security Scheduling System

Our specialist team have many years of hands on experience in the Logistics & Driver Hire field and therefore have working knowledge of all the regular  problems connected with the industry. The SSS has been developed by EPL staff against strict criteria with amazing results!

With ever increasing legal licencing requirements and continuing VOSA focus on such items as WTD (Working Time Directive), Loading Regulations, Vehicle Safety, Load Security and the relatively new DSA Drivers Periodic CPC Training, todays professional driver must be at all times diligent and fully aware of his / her status and ongoing validity. SSS provides an excellent working framework for this and is an ideal tool to keep all parties well informed of agreed timings and required activities. Excellent communications and the ease of information access and flow is a major bonus made possible via SSS. Agreed Schedule times-with easy access to all parties keeps everyone in the logistical chain in the loop.

How can our new bespoke SSS System help you?


Our market leading EPL designed and commissioned SSS (Security & Scheduling System) is second to none in the logistics industry! "State of the Art" is perhaps the best way to describe this superb tool which offers our clients instant, systematic and simple access to crucial security and driver / business details.

The main benefits of our SSS system


On-line access to vital information!

As a valued EPL client you will have full on-line access (24/7) to every aspect of our drivers details, from his/her work schedule, including agreed start time, full photographic identification, current driving records and much, much more. (Please note that every one of our many drivers has been vetted and carefully selected!)

Anti-Theft. Who is collecting your load?

Our SSS incorporates at its heart, a Photo Identification Card (see above) issued at our own offices-no third party involvement-offering total security. On arrival at your facility you have the opportunty to quickly check identification details and, on-line, the drivers schedule-Your current operation will be shown and can be quickly validated.

Full Access to Vital Information!

No more time wasting-Instant access to all the information that you require to keep your operation on track. The hugely improved communication benefits available via SSS are in our quick and easy electronic control and contact method. You, as an EPL client are able, from anywhere, on-line, 24/7, obtain current and accurate details of our drivers scheduled activites.  Our touch pad computer system enables us to electronically confirm all aspects of the drivers requirement-with a clear confirmation tag via our drivers when they accept the work and times offered-no half messages here!


WTD and Drivers Licence Status Covered!

No more load /driver risks-no more guessing about the drivers acrued hours, points record, recent driving history or his/her licence status. All updated and current information is easily available 24/7 from anywhere on the globe!


Would you like more information-We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements! Give us a call!

0151 294 3333

Our Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP)

We at EPL operate within a self managed Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP) which includes SOPs (Standard Operations Procedures) by which we can measure all aspects of our business including Driver and Management Performance. As part of this systematic focus we would encourage regular meetings between both trading parties, to discuss our performance and any ongoing benefits that we may well be able to offer your enterprise. You are our business lifeblood and we fully understand this.

Your business is Our business!

More information? Please dont hesitate to call us!!

0151 294 3333

EPL-Your Professional Partner in Logistics

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